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Guitars – the Museum is located downtown Umeå, “the capital” of the Northland (Norrland). Strategically tucked in-between the Norrlandsoperan (the only professional opera house in the vast northern Sweden) and the renowned cultural center, Umeå Folkets Hus (holding international festivals of jazz, folk music, etc.). At this creative core an old school built in brick (Vasaskolan, 1917) has been turned into a hub of what has longed been claimed the cutting-edge music scene of Sweden (Scharinska), a music store (4sound), vintage record store (Garageland), restaurant, bar and of course the world-class guitar collection and museum.

Approaching the building one is struck by its architectural style of national romanticism. Upon entering, the massive stone floors and stairs invite the gaze to windows reaching up to the high ceiling. The bar is modern against red brick walls bringing the mind to hip places on Manhattan. In the gastrobar the chef Peter Gustavsson serves American-inspired food on rustic plates of wood and cast iron. A new music stage and club has been built. It honors the hugely important Straight Edge and Hardcore movements with bands like Refused that burst forth in Umeå while also hosting a constellation of many other genres. Around the corner of the corridor one finds the music store with its organized chaos of speakers, amplifiers, drum sets, keyboards, music tools and, well, yes, guitars. In the middle of the store towers wooden stairs in a steep angle two stories up. The museum is located all the way on the top floor.

The school transformed into a hip world-class scene continues to educate, not only through the electrifying life of guitars but also through the continued vibrant and living expression of music, drink, food and design. We highly recommend an extensive visit and complete experience enjoying the architecture and design, a drink at the bar, a delicious dinner, a night rocking it out in the avant-garde music club, and of course a long stay with the twins soaking in the art and history of electric guitars.


Umeå’s music scene is an important part of the cultural life in the city. It's at Scharinska that artists in Umea meet when they come home from tours, celebrate new releases and perform. Basically a cool place to hang out among friends and other musicians. Read more...


You enter GUITARS - The Museum through 4SOUND Umeå. In the two floor music retail store you´ll find loads of products and merchandise related to The Museum. Read more...

Guitars - Bar & Restaurant

Welcome to Guitars - Bar & Restaurant. Vasagatan 20. With room for 120 guests, we offer a warm and open environment where you can hang out and enjoy good food and drinks from morning to night. We are a cafe, bar, restaurant and lunch room where friendly people see that you get good service, food and drinks. Read more...

Behind The Scenes

Follow the transformation from a school into a museum, music store, venue, restaurant and studios. Read more...

Guest Exhibitions

Two rooms in the Museum will house various Guest Exhibitions. For example Photography, Fashion and Clothes inspired by music. The first exhibition will be on Umeå Hardcore (feb 2014) from the opening and three months on. Read more here...

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